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Composing Music


Video Game and Film Composer

Welcome to my portfolio! I'm a media composer in the New York/New Jersey area. Please feel free to browse my compositions, and stay tuned for more!



Kyle Mesce is a video game, film, and media composer stationed in the New York/New Jersey area. His passion for music started early and only grew when he learned trumpet at 10 years old. Continuing his journey, he became inspired by composers such as Yoko Shimomura, John Williams, Thomas Bergensen, as well as others. Their work, along with formal music studies, inspired Kyle to write his own compositions and help creative producers realize their musical visions. 

Any project that promotes teamwork, creativity, and an environment that builds people up is what Kyle always strives to be a part of. This deep-rooted mind set, as well as the influence of well-renowned composers in the video game and film industry, is what Kyle considers when being as creative as possible in his work.

Kyle also plays trumpet with and creates arrangements for the Montclair Symphony Gaming Orchestra, and when not composing, enjoys playing RPGs, platformers, and other fantasy games.


“It’s so important to have pride in yourself and have confidence in yourself, but at the same time try to compose thinking of your listeners.”

Yoko Shimomura